Fountain Bike

Fountain Bike is a mountain bike that has been transformed, giving it the ability to pump up water from puddles and propel the water out as a fountain through the act of cycling. This interactive piece of public art has been designed with a participatory element at the core of the project.

Initially rolling out in Kensington and Chelsea, yet due to the design of Fountain Bike it has the potential to travel to any puddle in any geographic location. Below is a link to an interactive map where users can record the location of a puddle by adding a marker to the map and uploading a photograph of the puddle. To view the photographs of the puddles click on the marker. You are invited to hunt out puddles and upload photographs of them on to the smartphone and computer friendly map. With a bit of luck Fountain Bike might just make an appearance when it rains again.

Link to interactive map

Link to video of Fountain Bike in action

With the support of an arts grant from The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and utilising technology developed by Sheffield based collective Engineers Without Boarders. Mapping system by Dan FS.